“Is it a zombie sasquatch?”

Cumberland Sugar Creek Cemetery seems to be nothing more than a peaceful resting place, but some say it’s been the site of some pretty unusual activity.

There have been several reports of bright lights seen above or near the cemetery and even local police officers claim to have seen the lights, but can offer no explanation of what they’re actually seeing.

A few years ago, a paranormal team went in search of answers, but found something much more than they were looking for. Supposedly, they found 14 inch sasquatch footprints. Now I’m not saying I believe, and I’m not saying I don’t, I’m just saying if I were a sasquatch, Cumberland Sugar Creek Cemetery is hardly a place I’d hang out.

First off, it’s out in the open. If I were a big scary man-imal, I think I’d hang out somewhere with a little more coverage. Perhaps when the fields are up, I’d be there, but not otherwise. Secondly, what would it eat? Is it a zombie sasquatch? There are no good fishing spots near by, no nuts on the trees. Again, maybe if the fields were up, but I find this claim highly unlikely.

My mind takes regular trips to Wonderland and there are places in Illinois I believe a sasquatch might be if they do exist. Shawnee National Forest, the bluffs near the Illinois River, but a wide open cemetery? I’m not buying it. Then again, anything is possible! I believe there’s a whole plethora of things we’ve yet to prove or disprove, but this is one I’m going to have to see for myself.

Just out of curiosity, sasquatches don’t find little blondes tasty, do they?


5 thoughts on ““Is it a zombie sasquatch?”

  1. Boots on the Trail says:

    My guess is that the ‘squatch was from out here in Del Norte County, California and was just visiting relatives in the mid-West. πŸ˜‰

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