“Wanna go see rocks and stuff?”

So, I met a boy…

I have to admit, I think I’m kind of weird. Every time I drag a friend along on one of my adventures, I feel like an awkward pre-teen girl hoping they won’t think I’m as weird as I think I am! I mean, really, who asks that question? “Rocks and stuff…” Rocks and stuff?? Come on! Please silence your inner dork!!

Sometimes I wish I could be that exciting girl who loves places like Las Vegas and wildness and crazy loud bars and some sort of something that could keep a man on the edge of his seat, but no. I have wild and crazy nights reading about “rocks and stuff”.

Maybe it’s not my fault… Maybe it’s the fault of my grandparents who spent their Friday nights watching people. Excuse me, what???  Yes!! “We’d go up on the square and park and just watch people.” “Watch them do what? Did you ever get out? You two just sat there?” “Oh, no. There’d be all kinds of us! Cars parked 4 or 5 deep. It wasn’t just us.” Apparently this was a thing in the big town of Winchester. I still haven’t figured out exactly what they were watching, but my grandma’s “wanna go watch people” has to be somehow related to my “wanna go see rocks and stuff”.

That’s weird to me, but how cool that they were weird together. That’s what I want. Somebody who accepts my weirdness.

We’re going to spend the day together soon and I know that, although I am a calm, cool, collected 38, at some point, that phrase is going to be on the tip of my tongue and I’ll suddenly become 12! An awkward girl just hoping he doesn’t think I’m as weird as I think I am.



2 thoughts on ““Wanna go see rocks and stuff?”

    • Travels with Hollie White says:

      I’ll remember that if we get that far! The few times I’ve been out there, I’ve gone to the Grand Canyon. That never gets boring and I swear always has a different view! Love it!

      Liked by 1 person

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