“You are on the fastest route.” Thank you, Jesus!

“Oh, look! A wildlife sanctuary!” And so our adventure began. At the start, it was stunning! We easily saw upwards of 100 deer. Perhaps that’s where we should have both began and ended our day, but you know us!

We took a left… Somewhere along the way, my internal GPS went haywire. It wasn’t something I noticed right away, more like a sinking suspicion something was terribly wrong. That’s when I noticed I thought we were driving north, but the sun was setting to my right. Where the heck were we?? We kept on.

Dilapidated farm houses, vehicles left in the same place they’d broke down, black trees that had obviously been underwater looking like something from the Louisiana bayou, and an eerie feeling creeping up on us. I expected at any moment to see a gator on the side of the road. Not a wild gator, but a pet belonging to a shirtless man. His name was Frank and if you were eaten, his owner would simply consider it one less stupid person in the world.

It was getting dark. A lonely train whistle in the distance was enough for me to make me type Waverly, IL into my phone. I was so grateful to hear those familiar and welcoming words, “You are on the fastest route.” Thank you, Jesus!!

We ended up coming into the backside of some bumpkin town and were soon headed toward home. I wish I could tell you where we were, but all I know is, it’s somewhere between “Holy Shit” and “Idontwannabehere”.

It’s always an adventure! Always! 🙂



Garden of the Gods, Illinois… I love you!

I recently shared with a friend that it’s where I find my center. Sitting there on the edge or on top of a rock looking out over the world, somehow calms me. Perhaps it’s because they aren’t going anywhere and practically everything else has. In that moment, even if for just a moment, my troubles are overshadowed by their will to stand. I think of the storms they’ve withstood, the bitter cold, the raging sun. How they’ve adapted, yet stayed their beautiful selves…