“What is Beale?”



So, it’s Friday the 13th and if you’ve watched the news or have been on Facebook, you would see that nearly everyone is worried about this approaching “ice storm of doom” Illinois is supposed to get. Well, maybe everybody, but me!!

I’m relaxing upstairs smelling supper in the crock pot (beef and noodles, yum!!) and listening to my dogs whine because they don’t understand why they can’t go outside. Our new old house is blessed with a heated enclosed sun porch. It’s almost sad to see 3 little faces staring out the window, but I tell them the sun is deceiving, they’d be ready to come in as soon as they went out.

I’ve gotten off track… Where was I? Ahhh, yes, the ice storm…

Last year while the Midwest got hit with mounds of snow and ice, we were enjoying Gulf Shores, Alabama.


And Fort Morgan…


My daughter and neice literally spent hours “rescuing” starfish!!

On the way back, we stopped at St. Jude’s in Memphis with donations and just as we were on the way out of town, knowing we were running a little behind schedule, I made the comment that if we had time, we could’ve gone to Beale. That’s when my neice said, “What is Beale??” Eerrrrrrtttt, brakes on!!! “You’ve never heard of Beale Street?? How are you MY neice??” We HAD to go!!

I love Beale Street! Some will say it’s a generic Bourbon Street, but I disagree. I think it’s better!! They have a drink called “Call Me a Cab” because they say by the time it’s gone, you’ll need one!! The food is amazing! If you’re not sure what to order, just ask! Chances are the person you ask will offer you a bite of whatever they have! This has happened to me 3 times!! Live music and dancing? Yes, please! Feel like singing? Grab a mic!! Just let loose and don’t be shy!!

Be sure to leave your mark at the Rum Boogie Cafe!


They have guitars hanging from the ceiling!!!


Soak up the neon…


And enjoy!!!!


2 thoughts on ““What is Beale?”

    • Travels with Hollie White says:

      I hear that a lot! People always say I’m such a good photographer, I think I just go awesome places!! When the scenery is great, the photo will be great!! 😉

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