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Becoming single late in life, where I’ve been and what I’ve learned.

Good afternoon faithful followers, how are you? I hope you’re all doing well and while I apologize for the lack of writings, I also don’t. Please read on.

As most of you know, my life fell apart last year. While I won’t dwell on that, getting to where I am today was anything, but easy. I thought I’d share a few of the things I’ve learned along the way.

#1 Sometimes Trish is Wrong.

We all have a “Trish”. Mine is on my mind today because I get to see her in a few days. She is my best friend. The one person I can count on to love me from my saintly days to my sinful days and everything in between. Sometimes she knows me better than I know myself, but sometimes, Trish is wrong. Ok, maybe just once. Anyway, I remember Trish telling me I was going to fall in love sooo fast. That the first person who wasn’t a total douche was going to run away with my heart and I’d soon be broken again. Well, that didn’t happen.

It didn’t happen because I became single when I was 38 years old. I already knew me, I’d only lost things I thought were me. This “do-over” was a chance for me to be picky. A chance for me to size everyone and everything up. What I wanted, what I could settle for, and what I wouldn’t. And that’s how I looked at things on my journey to become ok. Then the old me stepped up and asked why “ok” was good enough… It wasn’t.

#2 Know You, Do You, Be You

Ladies, this one is really quite simple. This one comes from my girlfriend, Becky. ‘When you become single after already building your life, it gives you a chance to find that person who really fits.’

It’s important that when you bring that potential person in, you show them exactly who you are. Don’t be afraid, this could be your next long term thing. You’re a dork like me who likes rocks? Show them rocks! More importantly, if your potential partner doesn’t like rocks, you have the freedom to decide just how important those rocks are to you. Chances are, if you took the time to show them off, they’re probably pretty darn important! Remember that!!

#3 Not Everyone is Your Ex, Avoid Dating Sites

Unless of course your ex was a total sex-crazed creep, then by all means.

Mine wasn’t. Obviously, we had our issues, but he has big shoes to fill in some departments. Not to mention, “dating” today isn’t what it used to be. My husband was a wonderful man. He opened the door for me. He met my mother. He didn’t get to know me by sending me a dick pic and wanting a return pic of my hoo-ha.

Dating sites aren’t full of men who want to open doors or even get to know you. It’s unfortunate, really. There are nice guys in the mix, but they are few and far between. I did meet a very nice man named Ed. He wasn’t all about sex. He hiked, he has a family. We met just about the time I started realizing dating sites were not for me. They’re not for him, either. I hope he’s intelligent enough to have figured that out by now.

#4 Take Care of Yourself

Somewhere along my journey of learning to live with anxiety, I came across this quote. “It’s ok if you can only save one person and it’s ok if that person is you.” Nuff said! I could elaborate on what this means to me, but I won’t.

#5 So God Made a Farmer

After everything I’ve been through, I was right with a blog post from some time ago. There IS light! My light’s name is Chris and no, he’s not a farmer.

Throughout my journey, I kept wondering where God was. At times I felt like Job. My friend, Lenny, joked one day that I couldn’t be Job because I didn’t have any livestock. Nonetheless, I couldn’t help wondering what I was going to lose next. Looking back I can say I was gaining something for everything I had lost, but it felt very uneven for a really long time. I cried every day. Sometimes three or four times a day, sometimes all day long.

Chris is a comedian! Go figure! Where was God? Apparently somewhere rewriting Paul Harvey’s poem.

God said, “She needs someone who can make her laugh. Someone who can make her smile from the inside out. Someone who with big strong arms can take her fear away and wrap them around her to make her feel safe… And then fart!” So God made a Chris.Β πŸ’œ

God was right there the whole time!


“Is it a zombie sasquatch?”

Cumberland Sugar Creek Cemetery seems to be nothing more than a peaceful resting place, but some say it’s been the site of some pretty unusual activity.

There have been several reports of bright lights seen above or near the cemetery and even local police officers claim to have seen the lights, but can offer no explanation of what they’re actually seeing.

A few years ago, a paranormal team went in search of answers, but found something much more than they were looking for. Supposedly, they found 14 inch sasquatch footprints. Now I’m not saying I believe, and I’m not saying I don’t, I’m just saying if I were a sasquatch, Cumberland Sugar Creek Cemetery is hardly a place I’d hang out.

First off, it’s out in the open. If I were a big scary man-imal, I think I’d hang out somewhere with a little more coverage. Perhaps when the fields are up, I’d be there, but not otherwise. Secondly, what would it eat? Is it a zombie sasquatch? There are no good fishing spots near by, no nuts on the trees. Again, maybe if the fields were up, but I find this claim highly unlikely.

My mind takes regular trips to Wonderland and there are places in Illinois I believe a sasquatch might be if they do exist. Shawnee National Forest, the bluffs near the Illinois River, but a wide open cemetery? I’m not buying it. Then again, anything is possible! I believe there’s a whole plethora of things we’ve yet to prove or disprove, but this is one I’m going to have to see for myself.

Just out of curiosity, sasquatches don’t find little blondes tasty, do they?


“Wanna go see rocks and stuff?”

So, I met a boy…

I have to admit, I think I’m kind of weird. Every time I drag a friend along on one of my adventures, I feel like an awkward pre-teen girl hoping they won’t think I’m as weird as I think I am! I mean, really, who asks that question? “Rocks and stuff…” Rocks and stuff?? Come on! Please silence your inner dork!!

Sometimes I wish I could be that exciting girl who loves places like Las Vegas and wildness and crazy loud bars and some sort of something that could keep a man on the edge of his seat, but no. I have wild and crazy nights reading about “rocks and stuff”.

Maybe it’s not my fault… Maybe it’s the fault of my grandparents who spent their Friday nights watching people. Excuse me, what??? Β Yes!! “We’d go up on the square and park and just watch people.” “Watch them do what? Did you ever get out? You two just sat there?” “Oh, no. There’d be all kinds of us! Cars parked 4 or 5 deep. It wasn’t just us.” Apparently this was a thing in the big town of Winchester. I still haven’t figured out exactly what they were watching, but my grandma’s “wanna go watch people” has to be somehow related to my “wanna go see rocks and stuff”.

That’s weird to me, but how cool that they were weird together. That’s what I want. Somebody who accepts my weirdness.

We’re going to spend the day together soon and I know that, although I am a calm, cool, collected 38, at some point, that phrase is going to be on the tip of my tongue and I’ll suddenly become 12! An awkward girl just hoping he doesn’t think I’m as weird as I think I am.



“You are on the fastest route.” Thank you, Jesus!

“Oh, look! A wildlife sanctuary!” And so our adventure began. At the start, it was stunning! We easily saw upwards of 100 deer. Perhaps that’s where we should have both began and ended our day, but you know us!

We took a left… Somewhere along the way, my internal GPS went haywire. It wasn’t something I noticed right away, more like a sinking suspicion something was terribly wrong. That’s when I noticed I thought we were driving north, but the sun was setting to my right. Where the heck were we?? We kept on.

Dilapidated farm houses, vehicles left in the same place they’d broke down, black trees that had obviously been underwater looking like something from the Louisiana bayou, and an eerie feeling creeping up on us. I expected at any moment to see a gator on the side of the road. Not a wild gator, but a pet belonging to a shirtless man. His name was Frank and if you were eaten, his owner would simply consider it one less stupid person in the world.

It was getting dark. A lonely train whistle in the distance was enough for me to make me type Waverly, IL into my phone. I was so grateful to hear those familiar and welcoming words, “You are on the fastest route.” Thank you, Jesus!!

We ended up coming into the backside of some bumpkin town and were soon headed toward home. I wish I could tell you where we were, but all I know is, it’s somewhere between “Holy Shit” and “Idontwannabehere”.

It’s always an adventure! Always! πŸ™‚



Garden of the Gods, Illinois… I love you!

I recently shared with a friend that it’s where I find my center. Sitting there on the edge or on top of a rock looking out over the world, somehow calms me. Perhaps it’s because they aren’t going anywhere and practically everything else has. In that moment, even if for just a moment, my troubles are overshadowed by their will to stand. I think of the storms they’ve withstood, the bitter cold, the raging sun. How they’ve adapted, yet stayed their beautiful selves…



Such a beautiful place!


Fall Creek Stone Arch Bridge 1/21/17 Payson, IL


My “Southern” Central, IL Home


Our travel inspired space. Pay no attention to the unfinished floor! πŸ™‚

The South is so peaceful. The first thing I thought when we bought our home is, it feels like the South! Maybe it was the gentle breeze that blew by me while I was sitting on the porch after a long hot summer’s day. Maybe it was the far off song of a wind chime that somehow took me to another place… I gazed across the road and, for a split second, a Live Oak stood before me.

The night had a calmness to it, a stillness. Not an easy stillness, one that makes you want to look, but not want to look. The moon was slowly being overtaken by the storm coming in, that far off wind chime still singing. I closed my eyes for a second and I was in the bayou.

I was home!! My Southern home! That happens to be in the middle of Illinois!? I’m not sure how that came to be, but it is what it is.

So, in (unknowingly at the time) keeping with Southern tradition, we filled our home with various shades of blue-green.

My daughter was reading the other day and came upon the legend of Haint Blue. It is said that in the South, Haint Blue is used to ward off evil spirits. Many home owners painted their porch ceilings Haint Blue because it resembled water thus would deter spirits from entering the home.


Not our home.

So, as I said, we unknowingly put this color all over our home. How is that? Did we find it or did it find us? I don’t need to question, I know the answer. Because our home is a true Southern lady, that’s why! In the middle of Illinois!! πŸ˜‰


“What is Beale?”



So, it’s Friday the 13th and if you’ve watched the news or have been on Facebook, you would see that nearly everyone is worried about this approaching “ice storm of doom” Illinois is supposed to get. Well, maybe everybody, but me!!

I’m relaxing upstairs smelling supper in the crock pot (beef and noodles, yum!!) and listening to my dogs whine because they don’t understand why they can’t go outside. Our new old house is blessed with a heated enclosed sun porch. It’s almost sad to see 3 little faces staring out the window, but I tell them the sun is deceiving, they’d be ready to come in as soon as they went out.

I’ve gotten off track… Where was I? Ahhh, yes, the ice storm…

Last year while the Midwest got hit with mounds of snow and ice, we were enjoying Gulf Shores, Alabama.


And Fort Morgan…


My daughter and neice literally spent hours “rescuing” starfish!!

On the way back, we stopped at St. Jude’s in Memphis with donations and just as we were on the way out of town, knowing we were running a little behind schedule, I made the comment that if we had time, we could’ve gone to Beale. That’s when my neice said, “What is Beale??” Eerrrrrrtttt, brakes on!!! “You’ve never heard of Beale Street?? How are you MY neice??” We HAD to go!!

I love Beale Street! Some will say it’s a generic Bourbon Street, but I disagree. I think it’s better!! They have a drink called “Call Me a Cab” because they say by the time it’s gone, you’ll need one!! The food is amazing! If you’re not sure what to order, just ask! Chances are the person you ask will offer you a bite of whatever they have! This has happened to me 3 times!! Live music and dancing? Yes, please! Feel like singing? Grab a mic!! Just let loose and don’t be shy!!

Be sure to leave your mark at the Rum Boogie Cafe!


They have guitars hanging from the ceiling!!!


Soak up the neon…


And enjoy!!!!